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Micro Brow (tm).

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Micro Brow (tm) is the fresh modern approach to eyebrow tattooing services and continuing education classes in the beauty field.

Micro Eyebrow/Micro Eyebrows/Micro Brow (tm)

Brand is owned by Pamela Abshear and Attorney at law Robin Montes Wood.

We are sharing our trade secrets that took us decades to a new and innovative way to apply permanent cosmetics/makeup to the eyebrows, which provides the most incredible and realistically natural looking hair strokes.

So flawless that it could fool mother nature.....

(In fact...rumor has it, she has ordered a pair!)

We have taken the brow to a whole new level of artistic application with our Micro stroke services.

Using our system of application protocols, the procedure is simple to apply and the results are the most realistic eyebrow hair simulation tattoo ever seen in the industry. 

This is what we do...and we do it well, developed by one of the most renowned experts in the field.

Don't be fooled by others poor attempt at this craft, we have over half a decade of combined experience in the field of tattooing with our instructors and curriculum, as real master tattooists of body, facial and medical tattooing.  

A master tattooist is a individual that uses all modalities of tattooing on all parts of the body, with at least 20 years of experience.

This knowledge base is unparalleled in the industry, coupled with practical experience. The pictures on our site are not photo shopped they are our actual work.

Tattooing eyebrows has never been so easy and successfully applied , so natural it fools the eye. 

This is the perfection of continuing education services for the beauty field that will take your skill set to the next level.

Not only can you receive this naturally beautiful brow by appointment only, we also train those in the beauty field thru continuing education on these types of applications in permanent cosmetic eyebrow care procedures.

  Our seminars are fun, affordable and informative. Our courses include kits and re audits at no additional costs. 

Upon taking and completing the Micro Brow seminar, students are able to use our trademarked name in their advertising, which sets them above the average and mundane cosmetic artist.

This is the perfect solution for those who want to add more services to their practice and have a great product to introduce to their beauty clientele. 

We put the Wow in BROWS!  

For services, please contact us at Glamour Co.

621 east Gurley St. suite A

Prescott, Arizona 86303

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